Monday, November 3, 2008

Mine sweeper challenge

This is a new challenge called the: Mine sweeper challenge
Rules: 1: you must not use any foreign products at all!!!

2: Do not cheat "ex. Pictures"

3: you may use instructions if you are a begginer, but if you are an expert, do not use it, unless you never made a grab mechanism.

4: Your robot should be cool looking for it to increase chances of winning.

5: But you may use any kind of lego pieces.

6: Send the robots to me "action_puny" or NXTMONGER. or

7: All entries Must be recieved by December 3, 2008

8: Most of all... HAVE FUN

winner entries

Now that I thought about it, the winner is NXTMONGER!!! you can see his robot at to see it in action.

Second place robot was mine and it is in my blogspot at

see you in the next contest.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trialtank contest entries collected

Hello everybody, I am sorry to say that if you tried to enter our contest, you didn't email me. anyways, we only got 2 entry's but this is only the second challenge.