Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trialtank contest

Hello Snowblader 13, I am a new member of this blog, if you want you can join the builders united blog, but anyways, Contest #2 Tank trial madness!


1: you need to have MINDSTORMS or POWER FUNCTIONS to enter this contest.

2: it has to be a tank.

3: Use treads or tread links.

4: NO foreign products allowed except for LEGO!!!

5: If you do not have treads, make a comment, and we can make an exception.

6: It should go in one of three courses "snow,rocks,dirt, ect."

7: Or it can go in all courses "even the ones I didn't Mention."

8: Or go over lots of pieces (LEGO).

9:Play and build well.

10: remember to email us a movie.

11:Most of all HAVE FUN!!!

12: entries must be recieved by October 31,2008

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